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Respira (Nasopharyngeal)
Urine (Urine Swab)
Urine-ID™ (Urine Swab AND Specimen Cup)
Wound (General Swab)
Wound (TISSUE Kit)
Nail (Nail Kit)
Vaginal (General Swab)
Pharmacogenetics (Buccal Swab)
Sterile cups 50/pk
Sterile cups, w/temp strip 50/pk
Oral fluid swab 10/pk
Standard Specimen Bag (6" x 9") 100/pk
XXL Specimen Bag (21" x 18") 10/pk
Toxicology Requisition Form 25/pk
Covid-19 RT-PCR Kit

Vacutainer Tubes

SST (Gel tubes) – 8.5mL (100/pk)
Lavendar (EDTA) – 4 mL (100/pk)
Gray – 4mL (100/pk)
Light Blue (Na Citrate) PT/PTT (100/pk)
Yellow (ACD Sol. B) – 6mL (100/pk)
Red Vacutainer (Plain) – 10mL (100/pk)
Royal(dark) Blue – 7mL (100/pk)
Green (Na Heparin) – 10mL (100/pk)
PPT (k2EDTA) – 5mL (100/pk)
Tan Top – 3mL (100/pk)


21 gauge x 1-1/4” needle (48/pk)
22 gauge x 1-1/4” needle (48/pk)
Butterfly needle 23G (48/pk)
Needle Holders (10/pk)
Tourniquets, Latex Free (10/pk)

Urine Containers

UA Urinalysis Tubes (100/pk)
Urine C&S Tubes (Gray Top) (100/pk)
Urine Transfer Straws (100/pk)
24hr Urine Jug w/ Boric Acid
24hr Urine Jug w/HCL Acid
Sterile Collection Cup
Urine Hats

Specimen Transport

Specimen Bag 6x9 (100/pk)
Quantiferon Collection Kit
Purple Frozen Tube
Thin Prep w/ Brush & Spatula (white top)
Salivary Collection Kit


APTIMA Unisex Swab (GC/Chlam) – Purple
APITMA Urine Transport – Yellow
APITMA Vaginal Nu Swab – Orange
Para-Pak Ova & Parasite Kit
Para-Pak C&S Stool Vial
UTM – Viral Transport Swab (Purple Cap)
Blood Culture Audit
Blood Culture Pediatric
Swab, Transport – Red – Strep A Bacterial
Nasopharyngeal Swab – Orange-Influenza Swab
Liquid Amines Swab
BreathTek H. Pylori – Adult

Glucose Tolerance Drinks

Orange 50 gram
Orange 75 gram
Orange 100 gram


Transfer Pipets
Alcohol Wipes (40/pk)
Gauze 2x2 (40/pk)
Bandaids (40/pk)
Sharps container
Requisition (blood) (50/pk)
Transport Bags (100/pk)