Augustus Labs offers an Allergen blood panel test that identifies and manage patient with Allergic diseases. The Allergy test menu covers individual allergens, Regional respiratory profiles, food allergy profiles and childhood allergy profiles.


Food Allergen blood panel detects possible mediated responses to common foods for our clients and patients. This basic food profile blood test is an effective way to test for food allergies such as beef, pork, fish/shell mix, chocolate, corn, egg (whole), milk (cow), peanut, wheat, and soybean.  Results for this food allergy blood test are delivered within three to five days, and it does not require any fasting.  Lab panels have been strategically constructed to evaluate nutritional, biochemical, or physiological imbalance and to help promote health and wellness.


Respiratory allergen profile detects possible allergic responses to various substances in the environment. It is an effective way to manage and evaluate respiratory allergies, asthma, hay fever, etc. Respiratory allergy profile helps clinician manage patients on antihistamines medications and on immunotherapy.


We strive to deliver the broadest range of services with the purpose of continuously improving patient care.  Augustus Labs is committed to upholding our providers and patient community with high quality, reliable and cost-effective services.


Allergen Profile

  • Basic Food Allergy Profile
  • Individual Allergen Profile
  • Respiratory Allergy Profile
  • Childhood Allergy Profile