Augustus Labs offers a comprehensive test menu for Toxicology, which includes a wide array of tests that help physicians identify recent use of medications and illicit substances as well as drug abuse or misuse, detect potential drug interactions, and monitor their patient’s medication therapy.  We offer medication monitoring and drug detection services that provide trusted data to support objective clinical decision-making.

Augustus Labs uses Enzyme Immunoassay Analysis (EIA) which provides fast initial results, typically within 8-24 hours of the lab’s receipt of the specimen.  EIA only reports results as positive/negative and does not identify the exact analyte that triggers the positive result. If necessary, the sample will undergo confirmation testing using chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) equipment.  This technology allows for extremely low limits of detection, the identification of the specific analyte detected in the patient’s specimen and quantifies the exact level of detection.

We strive to deliver the broadest range of services with the purpose of continuously improving patient care.  Augustus Labs is committed to upholding our providers and patient community with high quality, reliable and cost-effective services.


Confirmation Tests 
• Ethyl beta-D-glucuronide 
• Ethyl sulfate 


Confirmation Tests 
• 7-Aminoclonazepam 
• Alpha-Hydroxyalprazolam 
• Alprazolam 
• Clonazepam 
• Diazepam 
• Lorazepam 
• Nordiazepam 
• Oxazepam 
• Temazepam 

Muscle Relaxants

Confirmation Tests 
• Carisoprodol 
• Meprobamate 


Confirmation Tests 
• Amphetamine 
• Cocaine & Metabolite 
• MDMA (Ecstasy) 
• MDA (Ecstasy metabolite) 
• Methamphetamine 
• Methylphenidate 


Confirmation Tests 
• Buprenorphine 
• Norbuprenorphine 

Bath Salts

Confirmation Tests
• Mephedrone
• Methylone


Confirmation Tests 
• 6-Acetylmorphine 
• Codeine 
• Fentanyl 
• Hydrocodone 
• Hydromorphone 
• Morphine 
• Norfentanyl 
• Oxycodone 
• O-Desmethyltramadol 
• Oxymorphone 
• Propoxyphene 
• Tapentadol 
• Tramadol 


Confirmation Tests 
• Methadone 


Confirmation Tests 
• Amobarbital 
• Butalbital 
• Phenobarbital 
• Pentobarbital 
• Secobarbital 


Confirmation Tests 
• THC 


Confirmation Tests 
• PCP 


Confirmation Tests 
• Amitriptyline HCI 
• Clomipramine HCI 
• Desipramine HCI 
• Doxepin HCIl 
• Imipramine HCI 
• Nortriptyline HCI 
• Protriptyline HCI 
• Trimipramine HCI 
• Trazodone HCI